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Our offices closed effective December 31, 2022. Providing your health care needs has been a privilege. Please know that we have greatly valued our relationship and wish you and your family the best of health.

Medical Records Requests

All medical record requests can be facilitated through Morgan Records Management the patient record custodian through the following request form link.   


Morgan Records Management: Medical Records

Online: > Patient Records Requests > Request My Medical Records


Phone: 833-888-0061


Please Note:

- In accordance with applicable state law, you may be charged for the copying and transmittal of the records.

- There may be a transition period from the time the practice closes to the time Morgan Records Management has access to patient charts.


Resources for Continued Care

In addition to coordinating care with a primary care physician, below are some resources to help find alternative Neurologists


Healthline neurologist search in Jupiter Area

ZocDoc (in-person and telehealth)

Cura4U (telehealth)

We are not endorsing any specific provider and you are not limited to the facilities or individuals listed here. 

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